5 things to consider when selecting a tutor for your child. (Guest Post).

It is becoming increasingly common for parents to choose a private tutor to coach their child in a subject they are struggling with or to push them further in a subject they are excelling in. With so many tutors to choose from how do you ensure that you choose the right one for your child? Here are some suggestions of areas to think about:


Ask your child’s teacher or their friends’ parents for a recommendation first of all. If you’re not able to find a suitable tutor this way, then look on the internet for tutoring or private tutors with their own websites.

Knowledge and Experience

Check that the tutor has the knowledge, experience and qualification for the subject at the level your child is studying (for example, if tutoring A’ level Physics that they have this qualification themselves). Check also that they have experience and skill in tutoring children who are the age and ability of your child.


Check out comments and feedback from other parents and students, whether this is on the tutor’s own website (see our website for an example) or on the tutoring agency website, to get an idea of what can you order adderall online others have said about the tutor and whether they would be a good fit for your child.

The right match

Arrange for an initial meeting with the tutor so that you and your child can decide whether this is the right tutor for them. You can then see whether the tutor is a good match for your child in terms of personality, their style of tutoring, and whether they communicate and work well together.

Specific educational needs

If your child has particular educational needs for example, dyslexia, dyscalculia or autistic spectrum disorder then you may wish to find a tutor experienced and skilled in this area. The tutor will then have a much better understanding of how to tutor your child in the best way for their needs. This could really help your child to feel comfortable with the tutor and quickly be able to make progress with them.

Dr Wayne Burge and Catherine Burge work as private tutors in maths, science, social science and study skills for Burge Tutoring. For more information please contact them on 07737 249862 or at wayneburge147@hotmail.co.uk