Are you challenging or changing the way you work?

big society, jelly, coworking, changing workAs a small business owner & homeworker, I’ve been amazed at watching and being involved in the sea change in the way people work. From working in a traditional office structure with all your staff around you to now virtual agencies and businesses popping up all over the place – why employ when you can sub-contract out to the plethora of homeworkers/micro businesses taking full advantage of the digital/mobile age in which we now live.

Personally I’m seeing very powerful business relationships coming out of Jelly co-working events (and no, I don’t mean the wobbly stuff) – it’s unnetworking in that you’re not there to sell, you’re there to do your own work for a day, just surrounded by like minded business owners. There is a growing buy generic adderall online support network between the Jelly attendees (locally, nationally and internationally) and is invaluable for signposting business owners to support and advice they may need. It’s also very cheap (no charge for wifi or the venue, usually small cost for drinks/food) and gets you out of your normal work environment into something much more dynamic and motivating.

Could Jelly be the new business support framework small businesses really need in the time-starved world we now live in (very Big Society me thinks)? It’s these kind of issues I’m looking forward to discussing at The BIG Jelly this month in Shropshire.

How do you think they way we work will continue to evolve over the next decade, I’d love to know??