What is Jelly

Jelly is an informal co-working event where freelancers, home workers and small/micro business owners bring their laptop or other work and work, chat and collaborate with other small business owners.

The ethos of Jelly is to be accessible to all so the venue, wifi and parking are provided FREE of charge, with small charges made for food and drink.

Co-working means meeting up with like-minded people to work together in a different environment, to exchange help and advice, and maybe come up with a new idea to collaborate on.

Jelly differs from networking in that the aim is not to find new clients or to sell yourself or your business.

How did Jelly evolve?

Jelly was established in 2006 when two New York freelancers were talking about a major drawback of working buy adderall from uk alone; namely the lack of company. They decided to invite a group of freelancers to bring their laptops and work together in their apartment for the day, and called it Jelly as they were eating Jelly beans at the time!

A wiki page followed shortly thereafter as news of Jelly spread and it is still used heavily by most Jelly organisers to promote their events held around the world.

Jelly started in the UK in the autumn of 2009 when Lee Cottier set up events in the Bristol area. Judy Heminsley was also a pioneer Jelly organiser, and the Jelly section of her website has been used by many of the 50 plus groups now meeting regularly from Edinburgh to Plymouth and North Wales to Norwich.