3 tips for making fantastic videos

It seems like almost everyone is doing ‘something’ with online videos, especially entrepreneurs… Either on their website – to speak to their audience better than with a picture only- or in an online course/training or videoblog. Having a good video on your website increases your visibility, and the likelihood that people want to engage with you. Online courses and blogs are becoming more and more common because they are easy to make and a lot of people like learning new information that way.

If YOU want to increase your visibility, impact and know-like-trustfactor by using videos too, here are three of my best tips to consider before making them. Because there is a lot of difference in quality in the videos that circulate online.

And I’m not refering to perfect, polished videos with lots of special effects. On the contrary, those often don’t draw your audience in, as they seem inauthentic. And it’s the connection that these videos are all about. So if you’re starting, why not try to make them ace from the start?!

Tip #1 Always look in the lens of the camera!

I can go on and on about this one and if you don’t pay attention to anything else, this is the most important tip to consider. A lot of the time, people want to tell their message ‘perfectly’ using all the right words. So they either work with an autocue, or write down words or sentences that they stick above or below the camera.
When you do that, people don’t connect to you! The message does not come across, yet I regularly see (even professionally shot&edited) videos where they used autocue. And I never looked one till the end.
You are an expert on your topic. Trust that you know the right things to say and look at the camera as if it was a person you’re talking to. If it helps, you can take several shots and look at your notes in between. But as soon as you start talking, make sure you’re looking at the camera!

Tip #2 Be yourself

A lot of the time we’re focusing on the background, lighting, perfect words instead of just focussing on ourselves. Or we’re looking at someone else’s videos thinking: ‘I wish I had a video like that’. So it can be tempting to spend a lot of time and money on the ‘studio’ that you’re making the videos in, or to study the videos so you can copy their best place to order adderall online style. Let me tell you: it won’t work!
The most important thing about the background is, that it is not distracting your viewers attention away from you. Your face needs to be clearly visible, so no filming against a lit-up window (as with photographs). And don’t bother copying someones style, because it won’t work fot you. You’ll look fake and not trustworthy at all.
When a style works for someone, that is because they are themselves. Just be who you normally are; imagine talking to your best friend or favorite client. If you’re used to using swear words, don’t edit them out or try to not use them. If you never do, don’t start in your videos…
You want people to connect to you and hire you, so let them see who you are!

Tip #3 Keep the videos short.

Everybody has a full schedule, jobs and tasks to do and juggle with a lot of balls every day. If they land on your website and see a 2-3 minute video, that is enough to get an impression of you. They then decide whether to explore your website more or not. If you want to tell a bit more about your work, make them 5 minutes max.
Nobody is going to watch a 15 minute homepage video – or video blog for that matter. Try to be short and sweet. Next to the risk of them not being watched, the risk of making a 15 minute video is: too much content. If you have a video that is that long, I bet there are 3-4 topics in there, that could perfectly be a video on their own. So you can better create four 4-minute videos, than one of 15 minutes!

elsewineElsewine Rietveld (www.elsewine.com) lives in the Netherlands. She’s a former deer-in-headlights as it comes to public speaking and making videos. She now is a Presence teacher and kinesiologist, as these are the things that helped her overcome her fear of speaking to people and camera’s. She loves to hike, read and eat dark chocolate.

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