Why a good headshot is essential for your business to stand out from the crowd. (Guest Blog)

If you are in business then having an excellent head shot is a must. There are so many people competing for business and jobs that getting noticed and standing out from the crowd is essential. Whether it is on your website or social media profiles, a professional head shot will help get you noticed.


We often judge and make assumptions about people in a split second. So the way you look and the way you dress is important.

I recommend for your photo shoot that you have several changes of tops. Simple plain clothing with different necklines and colours, including white and black, work best. This puts the emphasis on you as a person and gives a stronger visual impression.

To look professional, men should wear a jacket, shirt and tie. The tie can be removed for a more casual look. A blouse with a jacket looks more professional on women. The jacket can be removed for a softer more casual look. I also recommend having some shots in casual clothing to get a variety of images for different purposes.In my studio I use several buy adderall dc different coloured backdrops to either complement or to contrast with your clothing.

Another important aspect to getting an excellent head shot is to work with a photographer who makes you feel comfortable. If you are not relaxed you are unlikely to get that excellent image that you need.

I offer 2 head shot packages available in a studio just north of Norwich. One is for a 15 minute sitting for those who only need a few images. The second package is for a 40 minute sitting for those who need a variety of images. Most professional photographers will offer similar packages.

Post written by David Woodcock (David Woodcock Photography)

If you have a business in Norwich, Norfolk or North Suffolk and would like David to visit your premises to take head shots of you or your staff he provides this as a service too.
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