4 Enterprise Tools That Make a Business Better – Guest Blog

When you are looking at productivity and process improvements for an enterprise level business, it is not surprising that the right technology can yield huge benefits across the board. When you have many, many workflows and teams all contributing to the business efforts, and you also have to consider supporting a large number of staff across multiple locations, anything that can help you manage complexity and understand the big picture of where things are in your business can offer fast, tangible improvements. Here, we look at four enterprise tools you should consider:


Your enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform is one of the biggest linchpins of what you do, whether you use SAP, Oracle or anything else. Having it working properly and available to everybody who needs it is crucial, and so any changes need to be carefully validated and tested. Panaya is a quality tool for ERP solutions that can help you ensure that changes to your ERP environment are stable and ready for release. Automated testing is already a cost saver, but with Panaya your QA team can cut down the time it takes for a change cycle to be approved dramatically.


A huge part of business improvement is training, and it has been repeatedly shown that computer based training is the most cost effective and flexible way to coach teams on new processes or ways of working. With GamEffective, you can easily ‘gamify’ the objectives you want your teams to reach and distribute these training games to your people with no coding required. Gamifying buy adderall rochester ny training has long been shown to be effective, and people tend to get more from a fun, playful training experience than a boring series of slides and questions, so you can boost the uptake of your new initiatives by teaching them in a way your staff will welcome!



Whatever the goals of your organisation, somewhere along the line you are going to be selling something. Equip your sales team with the Unomy sales intelligence platform, and they and your marketing people can create portfolios of research on all of their prospects that can be easily accessed, modified and updated, pulling in information from all kinds of sources like social media. The more research you have, the better you can understand your prospects’ problems and offer solutions, and you can also get a clear picture of their relationships with incumbent suppliers. All of this information is extremely useful, and Unomy makes gathering and managing it incredibly simple.


Many larger businesses find that individual teams all try and find their own collaboration solutions, using everything from Google Drive to Dropbox. These tools are all well and good, but it is far better to choose an enterprise solution, train your people to use it efficiently, and have processes in place to make sure everyone is collaborating securely. Huddle is a great tool for this, making all kinds of inter team and intra team collaboration not only possible, but easy.

These four tools all help businesses improve in different areas, all of which contribute to a more productive, efficient company.