5 Reasons Why Co-Working Spaces May Be The Best Thing For Your Freelance Career (Guest Post)

For most people, being a freelancer from home is a great thought – no morning commute, freedom to choose what you want to work on and you get to stay at home in your sweatpants all day. However, the reality is worlds apart; working from home is a dangerous prospect for the majority of freelance workers.

Your home is the place where you, typically, come to be you. You can relax, unwind and enjoy your time at home after a long day at work, so do you really want to make your home into your workplace, too? Many people create a home office or a space in a quiet room where they can work from, but this comes with its own problems and issues.

When you are a freelancer, you have to put yourself and your work first and often working from home can have a negative impact on this. Co-working spaces are becoming bigger and better than ever, so here are 5 reasons why co-working spaces may be the best thing for your freelancer career.

Separate Your Work And Home Life

Many people think that freelancers have the best of both worlds when it comes to working from home. They get to relax in their own comforts whilst earning money, but working from home can be extremely difficult. There are plenty of distractions which may have a lasting effect on your productivity levels and steal away your time if you don’t keep on top of it.

One of the most commonly distributed pieces of advice for freelance workers is to create an office area within the home, but sometimes this simply doesn’t work. Whether you are a stay-at-home mum who juggles chores with your work or if you work alone all day, having your work and home in one place can become exhausting.

Creating a physical break away from your home life and work can be hugely beneficial. Having your own space within a co-working environment can allow you to stay focused and do your work without the usual home interruptions, such as the phone ringing or distracting background noises from the TV. You also get the chance to collaborate and network with other freelance workers and create professional relationships.

Tackle Isolation

No matter if you are a creative designer or a marketing consultant, if you are a freelance worker then you will know that it can be quite a lonely role sometimes. Working from home can quickly make you feel isolated, especially if you don’t force yourself to take a break from your work. Whether you start an hour later in the morning to fit an hour in at the gym or take a break in the afternoon to take your dog for a walk, doing even just one thing a day where you get to chat to others will make you feel better.

One of the best benefits which comes from working within a co-working space is the ability to simply just be around similar people. Whether you use this opportunity to bounce ideas off of someone else or even just engage in small talk whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, these small things add up to create a better working attitude for yourself.

Increase Your Productivity Levels

Many freelancers, startup companies and even large corporations use co-working spaces as a place to innovate and promote productivity and growth. Many freelancers who use co-working spaces say that the working environment motivates them and offers exposure to a diverse collection of co-workers from other companies and businesses.

As well as this, freelance work and co-working spaces offers a more flexible structure which helps people to balance their work and daily routines, meaning that those who use the co-working spaces are able to work in a way which suits their needs. Most spaces are clean and organised, which is vital when it comes to focusing on the work in front of you. Cluttered office spaces or offices with chaotic views can be visually distracting and, whilst you might not always be aware of it, something will always be in your eyeline to distract you.

You’re More Accountable For Your Discipline

Having both accountability and discipline is a huge skill to tackle when wanting to become a successful freelancer. Working in a co-working space provides you with clear boundaries between work and home whilst also offering you with inspiration in the form of other professionals. By sharing your plans and thoughts with others, you’ll become more accountable for your progress.

Many co-working spaces come with opening and closing times, such as 9am-6pm. Knowing that you have working hours each day is something that most freelancers miss when thinking back to previous jobs as, when working from home, you’re more likely to give yourself a little longer to finish a task or call it a day early when you’ve had enough.

Find New Opportunities

A lot of different business is done within co-working spaces. Almost every other freelance worker you see within a co-working space will have clients or people relying on their services, and those people will more than likely be interested in what you are offering, too. If one of their clients is looking for someone with your skill set and you have been chatting with them frequently, then they are likely to come to you with new referrals from clients or business projects and leads.

If someone, for example a photographer, is looking for someone to help with their food blog or project either last minute or in advance, then chances are that they will scope out local co-working spaces for talent and freelance workers first, rather than put a call out on the internet.

Natalie Wilson is a freelance writer for many different business publications. With a range of knowledge in the business and insurance sector, she is an avid researcher and writer in the field. Having worked with a number of different businesses, including Gorvins, Natalie is now a freelance writer looking to specialise in the topic.