4 B2B Tools Businesses Should Be Using (Guest Blog)

When your main customer base consists of other businesses, your needs whenit comes to marketing are quite different to those of people promoting their goods and services to the general public.While you may be targeting the same people, you are targeting them when they have their ‘work head’ on – so you need to reach them at the right moment when they are thinking about their job rather than their cousin’s wedding or the next season of Game of Thrones. Some tools can really help you position your marketing correctly and track what you are doing when it comes to B2B communications and marketing, and they can be priceless to companies like yours. Here we look at four that are well worth checking out:


Salesforce for Twitter

Salesforce is already a great online CRM system – in fact, it is one of the most widely used out there. However, when you look at the addition of their Salesforce for Twitter extension, it is clear that this is something that can really let you leverage social media from within your normal CRM platform. Set up channels that monitor the social media activity of your clients and prospects, and you can easily have the information you need to sweep in and promote to them in a highly personalised way – and Salesforce for Twitter takes all of the grind out of keeping up with the Twitter activity of the people you are most interested in engaging with.


Oktopost is a social media marketing management platform designed specifically for the B2B market – so unlike can i order adderall online other tools like Hootsuite it has been created to help businesses like yours in the B2B sphere get a clear picture of the effectiveness of their social media efforts at a glance, and manage and distribute their content quickly and effectively.


GetResponse is designed to help you create the most effective email marketing campaigns possible. Email marketing is a very powerful technique when you are promoting in the B2B market, because you can specifically target the work emails of the people you are contacting and get the attention your message deserves at the time when the recipient is most receptive to seeing it – when they are working. With GetResponse you can automate your email marketing very easily and even publish custom landing pages for your messages to send your recipients to. It is all designed to help you manage email marketing from end to end – from adding a recipient to your list to converting them on a professional looking custom landing page unique to a given email.


Whether you are researching a prospect or taking notes from a marketing call, you may want more detailed records than your CRM will let you keep. With Evernote you can quickly and easily take notes of any length and store, cross reference and organize them. It is cloud based so you can pull back these notes whenever you need them – even in a meeting with the client you’ve been researching!

With these four tools, you can boost your effectiveness when you are trying to grow your B2B business.