Have to give a presentation and feel that your career may depend on it? The pressure… no problem!

Have to give a presentation and feel that your career may depend on it? The pressure… no problem!
How many times have you attended a conference or watched a speaker on T.V. and thought ‘wow what a charismatic person, I wish I could captivate the audience and deliver my message across like that with such passion and confidence’. I also bet that you still remember some key points or quotes from that speech even though the topic may have had no relevance to your life.
Most of us think that great orators are born great speakers and that there are people who just exude charisma and confidence – it is a born characteristic and it is something that is not learned but something we are born with or reared with. This is what I used to think until one day I decided to do a bit of research on the internet on charismatic people and how via their public speaking they had the power of persuasion. At this time I was also at a crossroads in my career, I had a very good job with a lot of responsibility. I often had to give presentations and to work with many different teams with different goals and try to integrate every teams interests while also asking them to make compromises to reach a final result that would be positive to all involved. I wanted to advance in my career and knew that the next step would be very competitive – the interview process would be tougher, the clientele would be more difficult to persuade.
I mentioned to my boss that I was interested in ‘moving up the ladder’ and if there were any opportunities within the company within the near future that I could apply for. Even though I was quite used to public speaking and negotiating and am quite a confident person, I decided to do an advanced public speaking training course. I would be moving up a notch on the professional ladder and into the ‘den of wolves’ and wanted to become a charismatic public speaker, a person who could deliver any theme in a motivational, persuasive and energetic manner.
I wanted to ‘gain an edge’ over my competitors in the job market but more importantly I wanted to be the best at what I do. I wanted to be able to ensure that I always delivered my ‘message’ in a positive manner that would not be forgotten even if I had to be the bearer of bad news. There may be a circumstance where one day you have to deliver news of redundancy to a specific buy adderall over the internet group of workers or at the other spectrum you may have to encourage business investors to invest in a company or you may work as an advisor dealing with ‘sensitive issues’.
To deliver a motivational and powerful speech some points that I learned include:
Portray a persona of confidence, remember first impressions are so important – your dress attire/grooming, body language (shoulders back, head up), smiling open face, making eye contact, portray your passion for the subject by hand gestures etc.
Connect with your audience from the start (it is always beneficial to have a little background on your target audience) and be a good listener – clearly understand and interpret public questions, interact with the audience, maybe ask their opinions on certain issues, this helps keep their interest and ensures you that you are on the right track.
Deliver your speech/presentation with clarity so that the listener will understand and remember what you have said.
A powerful speech or presentation is not just about the words you use, it is how you present them, intonation of your voice, use different forms of media to keep the attention of your audience, include a joke (shows the human side) and maybe include imagery and paradigms in your speech.
To have an energetic and enthusiastic approach for the subject you are presenting (even if you have given the same speech or presentation numerous times previously).
You can quickly develop these skills with Skillstudio through expert coaching and practice. An advanced public speaking course will help you excel at public speaking and help you develop your presence and impact with power, energy and charisma and enable you to succeed with all audiences.

I completed an advance public speaking course and am more confident as well as competent in presenting to difficult audiences including high profile executives with a thousand other things on their minds and with very little time to spare. Before completing the course I would have found it a little daunting to capture their attention and to deliver a convincing speech to such ‘powerful’ people’.

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