5 HR magazines you NEED to be reading as a startup (Guest Blog)

Working in HR requires you to stay on top of the latest regulations and be aware of changes in the industry to ensure you are doing the very best for those who need your expertise.

This is where specialist publications come into play and are great whether you’re looking for more information regarding HR systems, such as those at ciphr.com, or just want to know more about a new development in the industry. Here are five you should subscribe to immediately:

HR Magazine

Aptly named, this magazine is the dominant publication for the industry. This quarterly publication aims to ‘provide you with what you need to know, not what you expect to hear’. As a start up, it’s a great way of learning about the industry from an open and honest source. 

The publication aims to create informative and interesting content that broadens your understanding of issues in HR and also features exclusive interviews with thought leaders in the industry who are great when it comes to inspiration. It’s great with a cup of tea on your morning break.

HR Grapevine

Like many publications, HR Grapevine is no longer circulated in print form but can now be read online and is available across a plethora of platforms. Its articles are insightful and comment on current events, as well as offering fantastic advice to the busy HR manager. Or, if you’re just starting up in business, that ‘HR manager’ role might be one of the may hats you wear, so it’s imperative you understand what is required.

HR Grapevine appears to be all about how best to ensure employees are happy and have everything they need – because after all if the workforce isn’t cared for things amphetamine and dextroamphetamine where to buy aren’t going to get done!

HR Director 

Available in both print and online formats, HR Director is the ideal monthly publication if you are a HR Director or a Senior HR Practitioner – or if you’re in a start up position a great way of seeing what you should be implementing immediately in your workplace.

The magazine offers regular updates on legal issues, interviews with HR Directors who are getting it right and features regarding current affairs in the industry. Download the free app for on the go reading and stay up to date at all times.

HR Zone

Another online publication, HR Zone aims to inform its readers on how to tackle issues in the workplace to ensure everyone is happy. Its articles are well researched and attempt to consider all sides before suggesting ways employers can boost productivity and breaks its content down into four sub categories for leaders in the industry: Culture, Change, Strategy and Future. Stay on top of these and as a start up you should know exactly what is required of you when it comes to personnel expectations.

Personnel Today

Focused on providing ‘HR professionals with easy to read, timely and relevant content’, Personnel Today is another online publication offering advice and industry insight. Created by publisher XpertHR who offer training guides and tools, its clear to see that they know what they’re talking about.

Personnel Today focuses on key issues, and at the moment has sections on the site dedicated to the national living wage issue and the gender pay gap. The publication was once printed weekly but is now available online for all members of the HR industry to access.