5 Ways in which Training can Boost Morale (Guest Blog)

Keeping your employees happy can sometimes be a bit of a struggle. Balancing hard work with low stress levels is one of the hardest parts of being a boss; if nobody’s doing any work, the business will fail, but if your employees constantly feel anxious and overworked then they’re unlikely to stay with the company for long. Everybody’s looking to get the most out of their staff, and bookshops have dedicated entire sections to management books that supposedly hold the secrets to this sort of thing.

But if you really want to boost employee morale, a bit of training could be all it takes. Here are five reasons why:

1) It’s a break from the norm
Sitting in front of a computer for 40+ hours a week can really suck the life out of a person, and taking your employees out for a training day every so often is a good way of keeping them fresh and active-minded. Nothing will wake them up like taking them out of the office for a day and giving them something a little bit different to do!

2) It’s a self-esteem booster
A lack of confidence in one’s own abilities is never good for productivity. After all, why would anyone do their best if they were convinced that their best wasn’t good enough? Training is a tool for teaching people new skills and improving the skills they already possess, so if your staff are slightly unsure of themselves, the right training course could set them right in a jiffy. Self-improvement leads to improved self-esteem, and that’s great news for everyone – your employees will feel happier in their work, and you’ll get far more from them as a result.

3) It shows that you value their contribution
Organising a training session for your employees is a great way of letting them know that you care. That buy adderall legally online might sound cheesy, but it’s true! Training your existing employees shows those employees that you’re keen to hang on to them (why waste time and money training somebody who’s soon for the sack?) and that’s sure to make them feel better about their job. The more highly-trained they are, the harder they’ll be to replace!

4) It can increase their independence
Lots of people are choosing to start their own business nowadays, and it’s often because they crave the independence that comes from being one’s own boss. Of course, you don’t want them to start their own business (you want them to stick with yours!), so allowing for a little more independence could mean the difference between keeping them and losing them. Many training courses are specifically intended to increase employee independence; this could mean teaching them a few new skills, or helping them to feel a little more motivated, but either way, they’ll be far happier about their job by the end of the session.

5) It’s fun!
This last point obviously depends on the content of the course, as well as on the person delivering it, but a good training session should be as enjoyable as it is educational. Ideally, your staff should view the training session as a fun day out – not necessarily a day off (they’ll get more from the training session if they apply themselves), but an enjoyable change of pace at the very least.

There are plenty of other reasons to train your staff, but those five should be enough to show you that highly-trained employees are happy employees. If the people you manage could use a bit of a morale boost, a training day could be all it takes!

This article was provided by Olive Strachan Resources, a Manchester-based training consultancy that delivers enjoyable, high-quality training courses to clients around the country.