Home based business – why you should. And why you shouldn’t. (Guest Blog)

For all those thinking about setting up a business on their own, and are wondering whether working from home all day will be the best thing you’ve ever done – or a decision that will eventually drive you insane – let me share a few ideas with you. I had just such a quandary a few years ago – and can say that working from home is (one of) the best decisions I’ve ever made.

1) No more commute. Not only can the drive or train journey to work be a spirit crushing, soul destroying, waste of valuable productive time – it costs money. Not only are you wasting money and time – the chances are you don’t want to be at your place of work anyway.
2) Flexibly – if your business model fits it, you can work around other areas of your life. This is especially handy for families – take the kids to school, and pick them up again. Have readymade childcare when one of the nippers is ill. Treat yourself to half-a-day off when the sun is shining. However you choose to live your life, flexibly certainly adds some happiness.
3) More control – although not just for home workers, running your own business gives you much more control. You’re not just a cog in the machine anymore. it’s all down to you. Purchases, sales, marketing, tax returns, VAT – you can’t buy teva adderall online just hand it over to Bob in accounts to sort out. This maybe a blessing; or it may be a curse. However you look at it, you’re in control.
4) Not a social whirl – working from home can be a solitary affair. If you like a gossip round the tea machine, or after work drinks on a family night – the whole home working thing maybe a little quiet. On the other hand, if you’re happy with your own company, home working could be the working environment you’ve always dreamed of.
5) Get out occasionally – make sure you don’t lock yourself away at home and never set foot outside your front door! I always find a good cycle ride first thing in the morning gets the brain functioning. And it stops me getting fat! For a little more human contact, it’s well worth attending one of the “Jelly” events going on. I have one 23.4 miles from my home business – and am thinking about cycling there – getting some exercise and meeting some likeminded people!

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