Create an Engaging LinkedIn Profile (Guest Blog)

About The Author: Vishal is the founder of Appsquare ( — an app development company based in Sydney that creates innovative apps, provides part funding for selected app ideas and also helps app developers get funding through its network of Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors.

So, you have sorted out your personal networking realm. What about your professional networking? Mashable has shown that LinkedIn is helpful when it comes to landing up with a higher paying job.

For a business, it helps in connecting with a more serious target audience. So it’s best to keep the faux pas minimal (it’s strictly a professional platform), and engagement levels heightened when you have an account on LinkedIn.

Choose the keywords that will brand you
There will be certain words that will define ‘you’ – what you pursue, for whom, areas of specialization, skills, etc. The answers to these will be your keywords that will portray your personality on LinkedIn.
You could zero in on two to three firm keywords that line up with your summary, headline and experience. For instance, firm keywords for a filmmaker would be director, assistant director, production, etc.

Beef up with skills
A recruiter needs a person with multiple skills. Don’t feel shy to brag about the skills you possess. However you should know what is the right word to use for a skill. Is it ‘editing’ or ‘editor’; is it ‘design’ or ‘designing’?

The words keep going in and out of trend. All you have to do is type in the skill into the skills search box and it will show you how popular each word is by comparing it to a number of other synonymous words defining the same skill.

Your volunteering work counts here. So even if you cook, dance, or manage files; do mention it!

Endorse to get endorsed
View your network to give a pat on the back of those whom you find exceptionally skillful and talented by endorsing where to buy cheap adderall xr their skills. This might win you some endorsements too. When somebody else endorses you, their face will appear beside your skill, adding a slightly higher subtle value to that skill.

Update your status
What is going to help people remember you exist on LinkedIn? Moreover, what is going to help them know you are active on LinkedIn? An updated status, at least thrice a week! You can post your accomplishments as your status update. How else will people know what you are capable of achieving?

Posting links relevant to your professional field serves as a catchy status update. If you’re a designer, you can post a link about the latest summer designs for skirts. Getting followers is easier when you are active rather than hibernating until you receive an email from a person who wants to connect with you on LinkedIn.

Buzz with the latest buzzwords
The words you use in your profile say a lot about you – are you an updated smarty or you still prefer lighting fire by rubbing stones. Are you still using adjectives like Team-player, self initiator, organization-oriented to describe you? Shun them out of your LinkedIn profile, unless you want to sound redundant.

To communicate your power and uniqueness use action words. Words like flagged, budgeted, coached are power words. They powerfully describe the action that you have taken and achieved. has a section on career development which houses a good and fresh stock of such power emitting words.

Speak to your target market
Let your target audience know the products and services you offer. You will be clarifying all their queries and doubts if you list out all the details – delivery ways, goals, payment modes, operation timings, etc.

Highlight points that relate to customers’ needs because this is what they want to know. Are their needs getting fulfilled? Be it highlighting something as simple as does your establishment have/have not valet parking.

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