Advices to Improve the Efficiency of B2C Lead Generation Campaigns (Guest Post)

Business to Customer (B2C) is a business model wherein a company directly sells its products to customers who are the end users of that product or service. This term B2C gained its share of popularity in the 1990s when it was used to refer online retailers, who sold their products and services to customers through the internet medium. Every business needs leads which can be later on successfully converted into sales. Leads are nothing more than prospective buyers of the products and services which a company has to offer.
In B2C business model, companies have to keep a constant stream of leads in the pipeline to ensure smooth sales across all times and to escalate revenue growths as well. All the big shot companies belonging to B2C domain believe that in the ever growing competitive world of B2C markets, new ways need to be created to find opportunities to successfully capture customers.

A few tips are mentioned below which will enable you to in maximize your efficiency in B2C lead generation campaigns.

Prior confirmation of interests:

It is very essential for a company to distinguish amid potential customers who are truly interested than the ones who are not. The importance of this bifurcation is that it helps the company to focus on the customers who are genuinely keen and will provide value in the longer run, thereby eliminating the set of customers who won’t turn out to be that profitable. This confirmation can be taken through emails or by inserting links which seek confirmation. The major advantage of this step is that it helps the company to focus on value and thereby eliminating the cost and effort required in reaching out to everyone.

Receptive design and interface:

At present, it is essential for businesses to ensure that their websites are sensitive and responsive which can enable the customers to react quickly. You must know that acquiring efficient B2C lead generation solution can help you a lot in attracting potential customers, but if your business website is not responsive, then you might lose out on potential opportunities. Therefore, it is a good idea to design the website in a responsive manner.

Strong incentives:

Loyal customers are one of the biggest assets that any organization can possess. If a company chooses to reward the loyalty of these buy adderall mexico online customers with robust enticements, then the customers would more likely suggest the brand to their friends and family, which will help in promoting the brand further. Additionally, it is a known fact that word of mouth from a known source is a strong driving force in making purchase decisions.

Ensure effectiveness of campaigns:

Digital marketing will only help in scaling up what is already there at the base. If the base of the campaign isn’t effective, then it would be naïve to expect enormous amount of customers turning up. In order to ensure proficient B2C lead generation campaigns, it is vital to understand that the product, campaign and service should be well equipped and competitive in itself. Then only marketing will be able to help company achieve the expected sales targets.

Focus on customer retention:

It is known to all that it is way more cost effective to retain existing customers in comparison to attracting new ones. There is no denying to the fact that a company has to focus on attracting new sets of customers, but in a hunt of appealing and captivating the new buyers, one shouldn’t ignore and overlook the customers who’ve expressed their loyalty by staying connected with the brand. Therefore, it is essential to take proper measures to retain existing customers.

B2C market is very different in its own unique ways, and because of this, it gets even more important to understand the differences, so that the customers can be reached to in a more effective manner. It is imperative to note here that customer service is core to sales. Servicing the customer in a manner which satisfies his/her needs is crucial to achieve sales. If the customer isn’t happy with the services provides, it seldom holds any chances that he/she will make a repurchase or recommend the brand to anyone. In addition to that, in today’s world, social media is a huge platform and it has given greater access to the customers, which has opened up the opportunities for advertising, services etc. even further. Therefore, if a company wants to prosper in B2C lead generation, then it will have to ensure that its customers are duly satisfied with its product and services.

How Answering Services Help Medical Organizations to Derive Value Proposition? (Guest Blog)

A panic-stricken late night call from a patient’s family to a doctor might get missed due to hectic schedule and multiple other reasons. In fact, in hospitals and clinics, nurses, physicians, dressers, and other assistants remain busy on their core duties and it becomes very difficult to keep up with increasing number of calls properly. That is why hospitals and clinics require a hassle free solution to answer every patient call and to be available 24/7.
In order to run a health system efficiently, it is important to create best patient experience. Outsourcing this process to call centre companies that provide medical answering service provider ensures that no such calls go unattended and your health clinic prospers with trusted bond of patients.
Why hospitals and health systems require medical answering facility?

Medical offices, including hospitals, clinics, and healthcare systems can be extremely busy when patients undergo a severe or emergency treatment. On top of that, no patient wants to endure the frustration of communicating with incapable staff when they are passing through terrible circumstances or difficult situations. In such scenarios, a health unit requires a systematic arrangement wherein all calls can be handled efficiently in order to render better patient experience. Patients can query or contact medical office for the following reasons:

• To know about a particular doctor regarding a specific disease or treatment
• To schedule an appointment with a doctor
• To acquire information about medicines to be taken
• To find out nurses and staff care about their needs
• To get the status of a patient’s condition
• To get medical report details

A call centre dealing in medical answering services handles all kinds of patients’ calls and provides callers with appropriate information.

Here are some of the benefits of availing medical answering services:

Slash down staffing cost: If you hire a team for medical answering practice, then each staff member requires a significant amount of investment. Your internal staff can i buy real adderall online needs training, sick leaves, PTO, IT support, insurance and other facilities. On top of that, they work in office hours and thus don’t provide support in a 24×7 environment.
Genuine Call centre companies have professionally trained staff that handle patient’s call on a regular basis and take care of all their needs. In addition, these operators are well-experienced and don’t require any additional training. Hence, outsourcing phone answering to a reputed third party source can help you to cut down staffing cost.

Provide HIPPA compliant services: Many third party medical answering service providers or vendors are legally bound to offer Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) compliant services. Such reputed call centres companies have a certified team of professionals to properly handle Patient Health Information (PHI) to ensure compliance. In fact, they manage every medical scenario efficiently. One of the major advantages of outsourced services is that they ensure complete confidentiality regarding patient information.

Allow you to focus on core activities: A third party service provider allows you to focus on core competencies that will further accelerate your health clinic growth. With the help of medical answering services, you can be relieved from the burden of supervising your in-house personnel. Now, you will have more time to focus on core activities and explore new opportunities impending success. All this will inevitably help you to take better care of your patients.

Ensure high availability: Virtual receptionists in a call centre are available all the time to answer phone calls coming from medical patients. During peak hours, a medical answering service can handle overflow or heavy influx of calls. Moreover, this service can answer calls after business hours, as well as on weekends and during holidays to ensure high availability.

In short, hiring a third party service provider to handle your medical answering requirements is the most optimal solution that leads your health organisation to incandescent success.

5 things to consider when selecting a tutor for your child. (Guest Post).

It is becoming increasingly common for parents to choose a private tutor to coach their child in a subject they are struggling with or to push them further in a subject they are excelling in. With so many tutors to choose from how do you ensure that you choose the right one for your child? Here are some suggestions of areas to think about:


Ask your child’s teacher or their friends’ parents for a recommendation first of all. If you’re not able to find a suitable tutor this way, then look on the internet for tutoring or private tutors with their own websites.

Knowledge and Experience

Check that the tutor has the knowledge, experience and qualification for the subject at the level your child is studying (for example, if tutoring A’ level Physics that they have this qualification themselves). Check also that they have experience and skill in tutoring children who are the age and ability of your child.


Check out comments and feedback from other parents and students, whether this is on the tutor’s own website (see our website for an example) or on the tutoring agency website, to get an idea of what can you order adderall online others have said about the tutor and whether they would be a good fit for your child.

The right match

Arrange for an initial meeting with the tutor so that you and your child can decide whether this is the right tutor for them. You can then see whether the tutor is a good match for your child in terms of personality, their style of tutoring, and whether they communicate and work well together.

Specific educational needs

If your child has particular educational needs for example, dyslexia, dyscalculia or autistic spectrum disorder then you may wish to find a tutor experienced and skilled in this area. The tutor will then have a much better understanding of how to tutor your child in the best way for their needs. This could really help your child to feel comfortable with the tutor and quickly be able to make progress with them.

Dr Wayne Burge and Catherine Burge work as private tutors in maths, science, social science and study skills for Burge Tutoring. For more information please contact them on 07737 249862 or at

5 Networking tips to work the room with confidence. (Guest Blog)

Here’s the thing… When you are an entrepreneur (or even if you’re working as an employee of a company), networking is one of the core elements of your business. Because you need to be seen and heard in order to get noticed by your clients.

A lot of the people that I train in confidence and visibility, have a fear of speaking to groups. That can be a group of colleagues or clients, or a bigger audience on stage. I give them practical tools to stay centered, authentic and inspiring. The same tools apply in every other situation, like networking (or a demanding family situation) or on camera.

Earlier this year, I had a training with a group of men and one of them, let’s call him Mike, said he’s ok with speaking from stage, but when he afterwards needs to interact with people, he feels highly uncomfortable. He usually tends to either leave after a good 10 minutes, or just talk to the one person he already knows.

Can you relate to that?

It’s a shame though – as a speaker, a lot of the people in the room want to connect with you and by leaving early, you’re denying them that chance. But also when it is ‘just’ a networking meeting, where you did not speak at, speaking only to the people you know won’t get you new connections. Who either might want to work with you, or might know someone that wants to work with you…

Here are 5 tips to make it easier to go networking next time, so you won’t stay short or hide behind a cuppa coffee and the people you already know:

  1. Change your Mindset
    Before you enter the room, take a moment to ground, breath deep and realise that a lot of people in the room are a bit uncomfortable, especially if they don’t know anybody else too. You are (litteraly) not alone!
  2. Be Curious
    Be genuinly interested and curious about the other people in the room. That will take the focus off you (what will they think of me?!). Who would you like to meet? Who looks interesting? What is their story? When you’re open and curious like that, the fear has less place to appear.
  1. It’s not about the sale
    When you talk to someone, focus on the connection between you two, not on the sale. Networking is never about selling, and realising that can take the pressure off. Of course it can happen that someone books an appointment with you, but that is rarely the case. Tell them more about yourself than just what you do and be interested in the story of the other person. It’s all about creating a connection.
  1. How can you help?
    When you listen to the other person, constantly keep in mind ‘how can I help?’. And not by giving unsolicited advice, but by opening your network to that person – if you like the connection of course; you’ll also meet people where you feel less connected, and it’s ok to move on to another person then. But if you like the person you’re talking to, think about who in your network would probably be interested in his or her service. Can you introduce buy adderall in uk them to someone?
  1. Don’t tell them what you do
    Now this might seem a contradiction to what networking is about… But ‘who are you and what do you do’ is one of the most dreaded approaches in networking situations. It can make even seasoned speakers stutter. What you do is often a short statement. Tell them WHY you do what you do instead. Your why is linked to your passion, inspiration and personal story. People remember that! So instead of saying: “Hi, I’m Elsewine and I am a Presence teacher and kinesiologist.”
    I could say something like: “As a student I was SO afraid to speak in front of more than 3 people (like deer-in-headlight kinda afraid), that I often blacked out and could not remember what I said. Years later I had the same in front of a camera. Over the years, I’ve done a lot of training and discovered several solid tools to quickly overcome this fear and speak with confidence. I love helping others overcome this fear, so they can share their message and inspire others.”

The why, the story also gives them more ‘hooks’ to ask questions or share their experiences, and before you know it, you have a wonderful, inspiring conversation with someone you didn’t know before you entered that room…

When you exchange business cards and you invite the other person on linkedin, don’t use the standard text with one click, but take the time to type a short personal message what you liked about your conversation, or share a lead/tip based on what you talked about. It’s so much nicer to receive, plus they remember you better!

Elsewine Rietveld ( lives in the Netherlands. She’s a former deer-in-headlights as it comes to public speaking and making videos. She now is a Presence teacher and kinesiologist, as these are the things that helped her overcome her fear of speaking to people and camera’s and teaches them to others so they can do the same. She loves to hike, read and eat dark chocolate.

This fall, her online training Own Your Stage goes live. Here’s what some of the participants say about it: 

  • In each one of the 6 modules you are learning new techniques which are totally easy to apply. I loved these techniques because it’s not something you would read in a book. You can practice it all by yourself and you can literally use it always. When being on stage AND in your everyday life.
  • Own Your Stage is a great way to learn how to feel more confident as a speaker, and to unblock any limiting beliefs that might be holding you back. 
  • It is unlike any other course I’ve been in. The bigger thing for me was realizing that I could use these techniques in my everyday life. I thought this course would help me be better on camera, but it offered so much more!

If you want to learn more about this amazing program, go to and sign up so you’re the first to get the updates or read more about the course on

Why a good headshot is essential for your business to stand out from the crowd. (Guest Blog)

If you are in business then having an excellent head shot is a must. There are so many people competing for business and jobs that getting noticed and standing out from the crowd is essential. Whether it is on your website or social media profiles, a professional head shot will help get you noticed.


We often judge and make assumptions about people in a split second. So the way you look and the way you dress is important.

I recommend for your photo shoot that you have several changes of tops. Simple plain clothing with different necklines and colours, including white and black, work best. This puts the emphasis on you as a person and gives a stronger visual impression.

To look professional, men should wear a jacket, shirt and tie. The tie can be removed for a more casual look. A blouse with a jacket looks more professional on women. The jacket can be removed for a softer more casual look. I also recommend having some shots in casual clothing to get a variety of images for different purposes.In my studio I use several buy adderall dc different coloured backdrops to either complement or to contrast with your clothing.

Another important aspect to getting an excellent head shot is to work with a photographer who makes you feel comfortable. If you are not relaxed you are unlikely to get that excellent image that you need.

I offer 2 head shot packages available in a studio just north of Norwich. One is for a 15 minute sitting for those who only need a few images. The second package is for a 40 minute sitting for those who need a variety of images. Most professional photographers will offer similar packages.

Post written by David Woodcock (David Woodcock Photography)

If you have a business in Norwich, Norfolk or North Suffolk and would like David to visit your premises to take head shots of you or your staff he provides this as a service too.
If you would like head shots in the style of the images at the top of this page, please get in touch with David.
Telephone: 01603 402015 | Mobile: 07933 070381 or visit his Norfolk head shot photography page to find out more about his service.

The rise of remote working: How working patterns are being reshaped in the 21st century (Guest Blog)

The Millennial generation, those born between 1980 and 2000, are entering employment like we’ve never seen it before. The arrival and prolific expansion of cloud and mobile technology has meant we can conduct our work whenever and wherever we want. The traditional ‘9 – 5’ office slog is being replaced by a much more flexible working day, flexibility that is being lapped up by many employers and their workers. This article explores the rise of homeworking and how working patterns are being reshaped in the 21st century.

Remote working is on the rise

Employers and organisations are becoming increasingly aware that advances in technology and communications means we can conduct meetings and business proficiently virtually anywhere in the world. They are also becoming progressively more aware of the productivity-enhancing assets of remote working and the fact that without any daily commutes, teams can actually enjoy a more productive day working from the confines of their own homes or shared office spaces.

In fact, according to a survey by conference call centre provider Powownow, more than 50% of organisations now allow remote working. Amongst the primary attractions of allowing employees to work remotely is saving money through reduced office costs.
Such is the prevalence now given to remote working that according to research more Workplace Insight released in May this year, a quarter of UK workers would choose home working over a pay rise.

The same research found that a third of all organisations now offer some kind of flexible working. It’s safe to say that flexible, remote working has gone mainstream, significantly reshaping working patterns in the 21st century.

The benefits of flexible working both for employers and employees
So, besides the financial benefits employers make on office space and the productivity and the benefits gained through ending the daily commute, what are the other advantages of enabling employees to work from a location of their choice?

A better work/life balance

Having the freedom to choose when and where you work can, for many, help to create a better work/life balance. For example, for employees with a family, permitting flexible, remote working can enable them to be involved with the school run, take their children to the dentist or visit the gym, ‘luxuries’ that the ‘9 – 5’ working structure of yesteryear never allowed.

By being able to set their own hours and work when and where is convenient, employees that take advantage of remote working can often enjoy a greater work/life balance compared to working for eight or more set hours a day in a company office.

Alleviate stress and promote productivity

Turning up to work late, sweaty and stressed because what should have been a simple 20-minute commute turned out to be an hour, is hardly conducive with a relaxing start to the day and a productive where to order adderall online day’s work. By contrast, avoiding the commute and the daily rush to get to a place of work for a specific time is much more relaxed and civilised, consequently creating a more stress-free and productive day at work.

Commercial benefits of remote working

With employees now holding remote working in greater esteem to pay rises, it stands to reason that organisations which do allow flexible working patterns are likely to have a happier workforce. And a more satisfied workforce means a more loyal set of workers, meaning business can enjoy greater staff retention.

Financial gains

With better staff retention, companies won’t have to spend money finding new employees and training them up and without expensive office overheads, organisations can save on expenses, thus saving money all round.

Flexible Working Awareness Day

So ubiquitous and widespread has remote, flexible working patterns become in the 21st century that there is now a day devoted to and in celebration of such new working structures.
Flexible Working Awareness Day took place on May 6 this year and is aimed at recognising those companies and individuals who promote the benefits of flexible working.
As the Awareness Days website informs, Flexible Working Day is designed to showcase ‘how flexible working works’ and its many advantages.

The rise of shared office space to cater for flexible working patterns
The modern demand for flexible working and the shifting working patterns have paved the way for shared office space. These communal office spaces enable companies, freelancers, start-ups and entrepreneurs to come and go at their leisure, make use of the equipment available, such as Wi-Fi, workstations and tea and coffee machines, as well as networking with like-minded individuals and generally take the loneliness out of homeworking.

Such shared ‘touchdown’ office spaces, which can be rented out on short notice, offer workers a more structured approach to remote working. For many businesses, these shared co-working spaces have become an important component in the new working structures we are embracing in the 21st century, as they enable face-to-face interaction amongst teams in a convenient location.

As Fresh Business Thinking writes:

“The most crucial consideration for firms looking to increase employee flexibility is the preservation of business continuity.”

Shared office spaces provide the business continuity, interaction and networking opportunities that can be lost in home offices and are consequently an important component of the flexible working patterns the 21st century is embracing.

This blog post was written by Hadyn Luke, Director at CMSVOC, specialists in delivering a range of government funded and commercial vocational training programmes across diverse sectors. CMSVOC is committed to helping people of all ages, backgrounds and industries, find the right course and training programme so they can progress in their chosen career or embark on a new career.

3 tips for making fantastic videos

It seems like almost everyone is doing ‘something’ with online videos, especially entrepreneurs… Either on their website – to speak to their audience better than with a picture only- or in an online course/training or videoblog. Having a good video on your website increases your visibility, and the likelihood that people want to engage with you. Online courses and blogs are becoming more and more common because they are easy to make and a lot of people like learning new information that way.

If YOU want to increase your visibility, impact and know-like-trustfactor by using videos too, here are three of my best tips to consider before making them. Because there is a lot of difference in quality in the videos that circulate online.

And I’m not refering to perfect, polished videos with lots of special effects. On the contrary, those often don’t draw your audience in, as they seem inauthentic. And it’s the connection that these videos are all about. So if you’re starting, why not try to make them ace from the start?!

Tip #1 Always look in the lens of the camera!

I can go on and on about this one and if you don’t pay attention to anything else, this is the most important tip to consider. A lot of the time, people want to tell their message ‘perfectly’ using all the right words. So they either work with an autocue, or write down words or sentences that they stick above or below the camera.
When you do that, people don’t connect to you! The message does not come across, yet I regularly see (even professionally shot&edited) videos where they used autocue. And I never looked one till the end.
You are an expert on your topic. Trust that you know the right things to say and look at the camera as if it was a person you’re talking to. If it helps, you can take several shots and look at your notes in between. But as soon as you start talking, make sure you’re looking at the camera!

Tip #2 Be yourself

A lot of the time we’re focusing on the background, lighting, perfect words instead of just focussing on ourselves. Or we’re looking at someone else’s videos thinking: ‘I wish I had a video like that’. So it can be tempting to spend a lot of time and money on the ‘studio’ that you’re making the videos in, or to study the videos so you can copy their best place to order adderall online style. Let me tell you: it won’t work!
The most important thing about the background is, that it is not distracting your viewers attention away from you. Your face needs to be clearly visible, so no filming against a lit-up window (as with photographs). And don’t bother copying someones style, because it won’t work fot you. You’ll look fake and not trustworthy at all.
When a style works for someone, that is because they are themselves. Just be who you normally are; imagine talking to your best friend or favorite client. If you’re used to using swear words, don’t edit them out or try to not use them. If you never do, don’t start in your videos…
You want people to connect to you and hire you, so let them see who you are!

Tip #3 Keep the videos short.

Everybody has a full schedule, jobs and tasks to do and juggle with a lot of balls every day. If they land on your website and see a 2-3 minute video, that is enough to get an impression of you. They then decide whether to explore your website more or not. If you want to tell a bit more about your work, make them 5 minutes max.
Nobody is going to watch a 15 minute homepage video – or video blog for that matter. Try to be short and sweet. Next to the risk of them not being watched, the risk of making a 15 minute video is: too much content. If you have a video that is that long, I bet there are 3-4 topics in there, that could perfectly be a video on their own. So you can better create four 4-minute videos, than one of 15 minutes!

elsewineElsewine Rietveld ( lives in the Netherlands. She’s a former deer-in-headlights as it comes to public speaking and making videos. She now is a Presence teacher and kinesiologist, as these are the things that helped her overcome her fear of speaking to people and camera’s. She loves to hike, read and eat dark chocolate.

Do you want to start making your videos and would you love more support than these tips? I’ve created a very accessible 10 day course that will lead you through 5 easy steps to overcome your fear and shoot videos with confidence. You’ll get practical practicesand technical tips so you’re ready to make & publish your videos after these then days.

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