What Does The Font On My Business Card Say About Me? (Guest Blog)

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Have you ever considered what impact such seemingly minute details can have on your enterprise? If so, you will have reviewed and re-reviewed many options and steadily whittled down the list of possibilities to that one, perfect typeface that says everything about you. If you haven’t, you definitely should! This is why…

Why Font Is Important
To the eyes of your fellow professionals, your business card is the two-dimensional embodiment of all you represent. It is the personal brand others will relate you with and your statement of intent to the business world. If your business card is lacking an attractive, unique design there is a very real chance that it (and, consequently, you) will be overlooked in favour of the attention-grabbing alternative provided by a competitor that got there late, but knew the importance of their business card in securing clientele and acted accordingly with careful, even pain-staking, consideration.

What Should You Consider?
Firstly, consider what your business card is for. It is the slip of paper that, once given out, should act as the tractor beam that draws the holder back to you – either through a call, email or personal visit – in want of the services you can provide. Therefore, your card must (subtly) draw their attention and stand apart from the rest. You must also be aware that a card with a font that doesn’t fit with the services you offer may seem garish or over-the-top, so make sure you match the font to your business in terms of style and tone.

Which Font?
Do you head straight for default – Arial, Helvetica or Times New Roman? This may be the right choice, but you should take time to consider what it is you want from your business card. The font you choose can i buy adderall in canada should reinforce your personal brand, so there must be a degree of personality to it. For example, a font like Spartan One Three MT is easily legible due to the abundance of capital letters, and can help to make all the information on your business card stand out and make that instant impact that is so important in converting that initial contact into a business transaction. Alternatively, seldom-used fonts such as Comic Sans MS convey a great deal of character and could work particularly well in ‘geek’ sectors where individuality is of utmost importance.

Ask For Advice
It is important to consult with others before making up your mind. Ask your family, friends and colleagues what they think of the options on your shortlist and question why they have a certain preference. What is it about the font they picked that drew them to it, and is that what you are looking for? Remember that while you will have them in your pocket, it is others that will look at them most often, so assembling a test group to look through a few different designs could really help you make the right decision. It may not be a science, but you should treat it like one if you want the best results.

The Final Decision
If you have considered every possible option and taken the advice of those around but still feel that a more generic font would best suit your card then you are probably right. There is only so much to take into account, and when you have covered all the bases set out above you will have a business card that will not only represent you well and look good to others, it will win you business too.

Adrianna Short is a writer for 123Print.co.uk who specialises in Small Business