Top Tips for Home-Workers : Making the most of working from home

Home-working is becoming increasingly popular among workers in the UK, and over 8 million of us in the UK now work primarily from home. The technology readily available in our homes has been a big driving force for the huge number of us choosing to work in this way. Although on the surface working from home can seem like an easy way of life(and it certainly has many benefits), there are also many reasons why it can be incredibly difficult to achieve a successful work from home career.
We have listed some of the most important factors to get consider for you to get the most out of your home working environment.


With so many distractions at home that can often seem far more appealing than getting on with the job, motivating yourself to work at home can sometimes be a challenge.
Set yourself tasks and deadlines just as you would have in any other work environment and make sure you stick to them.
Remember to allow yourself time away from your work space to allow yourself a break, but be sure to limit these breaks to no more than five minutes to prevent you from becoming distracted with other tasks around the house.


Create a space in your house that is completely separate from your normal home life, and that contains no distractions that could pull you away from your work. If you are lucky enough to have a separate room as your home office this can be relatively easy to achieve. If not, a small dedicated space within a room of your house, where you can setup a desk and distance can i purchase adderall in mexico yourself from the other household activities will go a long way to getting you into a “work mode” and preventing you from being distracted.
If you plan on spending a lot of time working at home, it would be wise to invest in furniture for your dedicated workspace. Using your kitchen table, living room sofa or bed as your workplace is likely to make you feel far too relaxed to really be productive.


If you work from home and are self employed, or even in some cases if you are employed and have to work from home, you may be entitled to claim some of your home expenses on your tax return.
This is can either be a standard monthly flat fee based on the hours you spend at home, or it can be calculated as a percentage of the rates used at your house.
Be sure to check the HM Revenue & Customs website for the latest information about the amount you can claim, as the way you calculate your household expenses often changes from year to year.

Human Contact

The value of human interaction at work is often only realised when you begin working from home. If you do start to feel isolated from the world, set aside some time every day to call a friend or co-worker.
If you have other friends or co-workers who also work from home locally, arrange to occasionally meet up for lunch breaks or walks.

Written by Claire McEvoy. Claire works as writer for Iconic Interiors who sell modern designer office furniture in the UK.