All change at UK Jelly!

A year on from launching this website, the time has come for me (Jan Minihane) to pass on the reins. Work and family commitments have been conspiring against me for quite a few months now and I’ve been badly neglecting the UK Jelly online presence.

My vision when I started the UK Jelly website, Twitter account and LinkedIn group (for Jelly organisers) was to provide a way for any homeworker, freelancer or other business person to find out more about Jelly, find their nearest one or get more help to start their own.

Ultimately, I wanted anyone who needs a change of work scene or wants an informal business support network to have one, on their doorstep, wherever they lived and whatever their means.

In some ways this has been achieved, in the last 18 months the number of UK Jelly events has exploded from 13 per month to now over 70 (that I know of!), the UK Jelly twitter account has over 1,000 followers and the buzz about Jelly events in the UK (and worldwide) continues to grow.

I also knew that this was not ‘mine’ to hang on to forever, it is something buy adderall in los angeles that should be passed forward – that time has now come. I will still be working hard to continue to grow Shropshire Jelly and will continue to promote UK Jelly events whenever I see them.

I am absolutely delighted to announce that Jim Drew, host of Norwich Jelly, is taking over the reins. Jim was the first person I thought of to take over, he absolutely ‘gets’ what Jelly is about – a free, collaborative tool to help bring businesses together.

I must say a massive thanks to both Lee Cottier for introducing Jelly events into the UK and Judy Heminsley, a genuinely wonderful person who helped grow the UK Jelly movement and still a brilliant promoter of all things Jelly.

Finally, I have met truly incredible people on my UK Jelly journey. Big thanks to everyone that has either blogged about Jelly, written editorial for us or in any other way supported UK Jelly – you know who you are and you rock, period. Keep up the good work!!

So, quite literally, over to you Jim and good luck, the Jelly community are very lucky to have you!