How commercial photography can help your business to increase sales and profits (Guest Blog)

Getting high quality commercial photographs is a must for your business website. It helps your customers to decide whether or not to purchase goods and services from you. You ideally need to differentiate your products and services from your competitors. Stock photographs cannot do this for you so commissioning your own unique images like the ones below is the way forward.

Are you aware that approximately 80% of potential customers will visit your website before making a purchase. That is a huge number so your website needs to have good quality, relevant text supported by creative images that do justice to your business. Also when used in the correct way, images on your website can also improve your search engine rankings and get more people visiting your website. The result will be increased sales and therefore profits. The benefits your business receive should far exceed the cost in getting the photographs. Once you have the images they will reap rewards for many years.

Operating as David Woodcock Photography I provide a commercial photography service in Norwich, Norfolk and North Suffolk. My clients range from small businesses to large companies. I work with the private, public and charity sectors. Each organisation has unique photographic requirements. I therefore treat each organisation differently photographing the characteristics that make your business unique and the benefits that you can offer your customers.

I can also recommend and contact models on your behalf should you require them to enhance your products or services.

In addition to my commercial photography service, I can also provide you with business head shots.

Post by David Woodcock (David Woodcock Photography)

Norfolk Commercial Photographer

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