Effective Ways to Strengthen Your Appeal to Clients (Guest Blog)

Small businesses that wish to compete with large organisations need to come up with an angle to make their products and services more attractive to clients. Whilst it is very difficult to beat global corporations on price, there are many other areas in which they can compete and win.

One of the biggest assets that any small firm has when compared to their bigger competitors is the ability to react to changing market conditions more quickly and to take advantage of new opportunities as soon as they present themselves. The management hierarchy associated with large concerns often slows down the decision making process and makes it harder for them to act swiftly in order to meet the needs of customers that have little time to spare.

Informal contacts

Even though, as a small business owner, you may be able to react more quickly and take unilateral decisions when necessary, a lack of industry contacts can make it difficult to offer the same range of goods and services as larger competitors. However, by joining other entrepreneurs and freelancers at informal gatherings it is possible to establish a network of contacts that will come in very useful in this respect. Such gatherings, where participants spend most of the day attending to their normal business but make time to converse with others and swap ideas at various points during the day, are becoming more and more popular in the United Kingdom and in many other countries around the world.

Another way to make sure that you are not isolated when running a small company and that you have the backing of other organisations to make it possible to appeal to a wider range of clients is to take a look at the shared office space schemes and drop in business centres offered by providers such as regus.uk and other leading property management companies. Basing your operations in offices such as these can make it a lot easier to meet how to buy adderall on craigslist other business owners in your area and to find new ways in which you can collaborate and take on the big boys at their own game.


No matter how competitive your company is, large organisations may be reticent to entrust you with business critical contracts because they are worried that your firm may not be around long enough to fulfil its obligations. If your venture is relatively new, you might think that there is very little you can do to combat this issue but virtual office packages and serviced executive suites can both be utilised to create an appearance of solidity and respectability that will reassure prospective clients when dealing with your organisation for the first time. Operating from a prestigious address that would not normally be associated with small businesses on a tight budget is a very effective way to present a respectable front to the global corporate community.


Large companies may find it harder to innovate than small firms, owing to the amount of time it takes to allocate resources to new projects and to collate the results of employees working in diverse geographical locations. However, this does not mean that such organisations are uninterested in the benefits that innovation has to offer.

If your company can find new ways to approach common tasks that offer cost savings to big businesses, you will find it much easier to attract the attention of prospective clients from across the globe. News of such developments generally spreads very quickly, especially when given a helping hand by an internet savvy marketing professional, so it is well worth engaging the services of a competent publicist in order to capitalise on your innovations.

About the Author

Samantha Sheppard is a representative of Regus.uk, a leading provider of office spaces in the United Kingdom. Samantha aims to give readers with information on how to make the most of their flexible workspaces.