How Answering Services Help Medical Organizations to Derive Value Proposition? (Guest Blog)

A panic-stricken late night call from a patient’s family to a doctor might get missed due to hectic schedule and multiple other reasons. In fact, in hospitals and clinics, nurses, physicians, dressers, and other assistants remain busy on their core duties and it becomes very difficult to keep up with increasing number of calls properly. That is why hospitals and clinics require a hassle free solution to answer every patient call and to be available 24/7.
In order to run a health system efficiently, it is important to create best patient experience. Outsourcing this process to call centre companies that provide medical answering service provider ensures that no such calls go unattended and your health clinic prospers with trusted bond of patients.
Why hospitals and health systems require medical answering facility?

Medical offices, including hospitals, clinics, and healthcare systems can be extremely busy when patients undergo a severe or emergency treatment. On top of that, no patient wants to endure the frustration of communicating with incapable staff when they are passing through terrible circumstances or difficult situations. In such scenarios, a health unit requires a systematic arrangement wherein all calls can be handled efficiently in order to render better patient experience. Patients can query or contact medical office for the following reasons:

• To know about a particular doctor regarding a specific disease or treatment
• To schedule an appointment with a doctor
• To acquire information about medicines to be taken
• To find out nurses and staff care about their needs
• To get the status of a patient’s condition
• To get medical report details

A call centre dealing in medical answering services handles all kinds of patients’ calls and provides callers with appropriate information.

Here are some of the benefits of availing medical answering services:

Slash down staffing cost: If you hire a team for medical answering practice, then each staff member requires a significant amount of investment. Your internal staff can i buy real adderall online needs training, sick leaves, PTO, IT support, insurance and other facilities. On top of that, they work in office hours and thus don’t provide support in a 24×7 environment.
Genuine Call centre companies have professionally trained staff that handle patient’s call on a regular basis and take care of all their needs. In addition, these operators are well-experienced and don’t require any additional training. Hence, outsourcing phone answering to a reputed third party source can help you to cut down staffing cost.

Provide HIPPA compliant services: Many third party medical answering service providers or vendors are legally bound to offer Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) compliant services. Such reputed call centres companies have a certified team of professionals to properly handle Patient Health Information (PHI) to ensure compliance. In fact, they manage every medical scenario efficiently. One of the major advantages of outsourced services is that they ensure complete confidentiality regarding patient information.

Allow you to focus on core activities: A third party service provider allows you to focus on core competencies that will further accelerate your health clinic growth. With the help of medical answering services, you can be relieved from the burden of supervising your in-house personnel. Now, you will have more time to focus on core activities and explore new opportunities impending success. All this will inevitably help you to take better care of your patients.

Ensure high availability: Virtual receptionists in a call centre are available all the time to answer phone calls coming from medical patients. During peak hours, a medical answering service can handle overflow or heavy influx of calls. Moreover, this service can answer calls after business hours, as well as on weekends and during holidays to ensure high availability.

In short, hiring a third party service provider to handle your medical answering requirements is the most optimal solution that leads your health organisation to incandescent success.