How to Conduct Better Email Marketing Campaigns in 2016 (Guest Blog)

It’s one of the oldest ways to communicate online but email is still an extremely powerful way to interact with your audience. This trend will continue in 2016. Many newer communication techniques and technologies are competing with email but its simplicity and popularity make it the number one way to build online relationships. These are some email marketing tips for 2016.


Create Mobile Friendly Emails

The popularity of mobile devices has exploded in recent years. Smartphone technology in particular has made this technology more affordable for the masses. In many cases smartphones are replacing laptops, PC’s and tablets. This means more people are checking and sending their emails on these mobile devices. It’s estimated that more than 82% of emails are read on mobile devices.

Modern email marketing platforms are reacting to these changes in the way we read emails. The adoption of Responsive email templates is now possible through these email marketing services to conduct better email marketing campaigns that yield higher ROI. This gives email recipients a much better reading experience on their smartphone or other device.

Make your Emails More Shareable

The simplicity of email marketing and the popularity of social media is a powerful combination. However, many businesses and email marketers don’t use these technologies to their full potential. In 2016, you should take every opportunity to make your emails more shareable.

Start by creating better emails with high quality content. Add social sharing buttons and links to your emails. Also ask your email recipients to share your emails with others. This becomes an even more powerful strategy if you have buy adderall black market links to your website, ecommerce store or blog contained in the content of your emails. Above all make sure your emails include valuable content and your subscribers will do the rest.

Tracking Will Be Even More Important in 2016

Tracking every event that takes place in your email marketing process helps you optimise your email marketing campaigns. Tracking every action that takes place in an email gives you an invaluable insight into your subscribers and how they interact with your emails. For example, if you’re sending poor quality emails this may be highlighted by low open rates or very few link clicks in your emails. Once you see certain patterns or actions you can make changes to your email campaign to rectify any possible problems with your email marketing process.

Personalise Your Emails

Most email subscribers want to be treated like human beings when they communicate with others online. Unfortunately, many email marketers and businesses lose sight of this important fact. They use auto-responders to send out automated, lifeless messages and don’t personalise these emails. Personalising your emails in 2016 will get more open rates and encourage subscribers to click on your links and share your content.

Keep It Simple

Email was designed to make communication simple. Over the years many email marketers have gone the other way by complicating things. Keep your headline, messages and calls to action simple and straightforward in 2016.

Email marketing is still the leading way to communicate with website visitors, business leads and online customers. In 2016 make your emails mobile-friendly, shareable, trackable, personal and above all keep things simple.