How to Dress to be Noticed at a Networking Events (Guest Post)

The basics of dressing appropriately for networking event are to simply, look smart, professional with styled hair. But sometimes ticking off these key points might not be enough to get yourself noticed by a lucrative opportunity. Being memorable is an integral part of attending a networking event and here is some dressing advice to keep you as a talking point of other people’s experiences.

A Timepiece

It doesn’t need to be the most expensive watch in the world, but this accessory always makes for a good talking point at networking events. Being able to start a conversation off by complementing their watch can soon turn into a full discussion about your watch, so going out and getting a dress watch or something eccentric may land you in someone’s good books after the function.

Smell Good, But Not Too Good

Whether it’s perfume or aftershave it’s important to smell nice during the function but not to overdo it on trying to smell nice. It can work as a negative if someone finds your aroma overbearing and it works best to keep it minimal when it comes to your scent.

Fitted Always Works Best

A fitted suit always stands out more in a crowded place and also highlights your intention behind your choice of clothes. A fitted trouser also helps to accentuate your shoes and with the right pair of brogues or heels, your overall look will be professional yet stylish. If the plan is to wear a dress, a complementing jacket helps to add sophistication to the look, and keeping the colours matching is another way to show you corporate intention.


Similar to wearing a watch, accessories are one of the best ways to get noticed at a networking event. Accessories such as ladies designer belts, pocket squares, handbags and ties work as a memorable addition to your outfit, and it’s also a great way to show off a part of your personality.

Look Natural

It might seem like an unusual thing to bring up, but some do make the mistake of going overboard with hair products, makeup and nails for a momentous occasion. People at networking events want to see who they will be working with on a daily basis and the more you can get that across, to more likely you are to see success. It’s important to look nice but just don’t go overboard with it.

Black is Always the Safe Option

Networking events are hosted all around the world, and the dress code and formality of them continually changes depending on the event. If you ever feel unsure on how to dress, a black suit or dress is always the safe option where you can highlight the outfit in different ways rather than taking a big leap of faith on a bold outfit choice and standing out in a negative way.


It’s not essential if you’re on a low budget, but wearing a designer shirt, jumper or blazer always provides other a natural sense of your confidence and success. It’s always good to have a few designer labels in the wardrobe for special occasions, and it gives you a little extra confidence.

Natalie Wilson is a freelance writer for many different business publications. With a range of knowledge in the business and insurance sector, she is an avid researcher and writer in the field. Having worked with a number of different businesses, including Gorvins, Natalie is now a freelance writer looking to specialise in the topic.

5 Reasons Why Co-Working Spaces May Be The Best Thing For Your Freelance Career (Guest Post)

For most people, being a freelancer from home is a great thought – no morning commute, freedom to choose what you want to work on and you get to stay at home in your sweatpants all day. However, the reality is worlds apart; working from home is a dangerous prospect for the majority of freelance workers.

Your home is the place where you, typically, come to be you. You can relax, unwind and enjoy your time at home after a long day at work, so do you really want to make your home into your workplace, too? Many people create a home office or a space in a quiet room where they can work from, but this comes with its own problems and issues.

When you are a freelancer, you have to put yourself and your work first and often working from home can have a negative impact on this. Co-working spaces are becoming bigger and better than ever, so here are 5 reasons why co-working spaces may be the best thing for your freelancer career.

Separate Your Work And Home Life

Many people think that freelancers have the best of both worlds when it comes to working from home. They get to relax in their own comforts whilst earning money, but working from home can be extremely difficult. There are plenty of distractions which may have a lasting effect on your productivity levels and steal away your time if you don’t keep on top of it.

One of the most commonly distributed pieces of advice for freelance workers is to create an office area within the home, but sometimes this simply doesn’t work. Whether you are a stay-at-home mum who juggles chores with your work or if you work alone all day, having your work and home in one place can become exhausting.

Creating a physical break away from your home life and work can be hugely beneficial. Having your own space within a co-working environment can allow you to stay focused and do your work without the usual home interruptions, such as the phone ringing or distracting background noises from the TV. You also get the chance to collaborate and network with other freelance workers and create professional relationships.

Tackle Isolation

No matter if you are a creative designer or a marketing consultant, if you are a freelance worker then you will know that it can be quite a lonely role sometimes. Working from home can quickly make you feel isolated, especially if you don’t force yourself to take a break from your work. Whether you start an hour later in the morning to fit an hour in at the gym or take a break in the afternoon to take your dog for a walk, doing even just one thing a day where you get to chat to others will make you feel better.

One of the best benefits which comes from working within a co-working space is the ability to simply just be around similar people. Whether you use this opportunity to bounce ideas off of someone else or even just engage in small talk whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, these small things add up to create a better working attitude for yourself.

Increase Your Productivity Levels

Many freelancers, startup companies and even large corporations use co-working spaces as a place to innovate and promote productivity and growth. Many freelancers who use co-working spaces say that the working environment motivates them and offers exposure to a diverse collection of co-workers from other companies and businesses.

As well as this, freelance work and co-working spaces offers a more flexible structure which helps people to balance their work and daily routines, meaning that those who use the co-working spaces are able to work in a way which suits their needs. Most spaces are clean and organised, which is vital when it comes to focusing on the work in front of you. Cluttered office spaces or offices with chaotic views can be visually distracting and, whilst you might not always be aware of it, something will always be in your eyeline to distract you.

You’re More Accountable For Your Discipline

Having both accountability and discipline is a huge skill to tackle when wanting to become a successful freelancer. Working in a co-working space provides you with clear boundaries between work and home whilst also offering you with inspiration in the form of other professionals. By sharing your plans and thoughts with others, you’ll become more accountable for your progress.

Many co-working spaces come with opening and closing times, such as 9am-6pm. Knowing that you have working hours each day is something that most freelancers miss when thinking back to previous jobs as, when working from home, you’re more likely to give yourself a little longer to finish a task or call it a day early when you’ve had enough.

Find New Opportunities

A lot of different business is done within co-working spaces. Almost every other freelance worker you see within a co-working space will have clients or people relying on their services, and those people will more than likely be interested in what you are offering, too. If one of their clients is looking for someone with your skill set and you have been chatting with them frequently, then they are likely to come to you with new referrals from clients or business projects and leads.

If someone, for example a photographer, is looking for someone to help with their food blog or project either last minute or in advance, then chances are that they will scope out local co-working spaces for talent and freelance workers first, rather than put a call out on the internet.

Natalie Wilson is a freelance writer for many different business publications. With a range of knowledge in the business and insurance sector, she is an avid researcher and writer in the field. Having worked with a number of different businesses, including Gorvins, Natalie is now a freelance writer looking to specialise in the topic.

How commercial photography can help your business to increase sales and profits (Guest Blog)

Getting high quality commercial photographs is a must for your business website. It helps your customers to decide whether or not to purchase goods and services from you. You ideally need to differentiate your products and services from your competitors. Stock photographs cannot do this for you so commissioning your own unique images like the ones below is the way forward.

Are you aware that approximately 80% of potential customers will visit your website before making a purchase. That is a huge number so your website needs to have good quality, relevant text supported by creative images that do justice to your business. Also when used in the correct way, images on your website can also improve your search engine rankings and get more people visiting your website. The result will be increased sales and therefore profits. The benefits your business receive should far exceed the cost in getting the photographs. Once you have the images they will reap rewards for many years.

Operating as David Woodcock Photography I provide a commercial photography service in Norwich, Norfolk and North Suffolk. My clients range from small businesses to large companies. I work with the private, public and charity sectors. Each organisation has unique photographic requirements. I therefore treat each organisation differently photographing the characteristics that make your business unique and the benefits that you can offer your customers.

I can also recommend and contact models on your behalf should you require them to enhance your products or services.

In addition to my commercial photography service, I can also provide you with business head shots.

Post by David Woodcock (David Woodcock Photography)

Norfolk Commercial Photographer

If you would like commission David to take some commercial photographs for your business please get in touch.

Telephone: 01603 402015 | Mobile 0793 070381 or visit David’s Norfolk commercial photography page to find out more about his service.

Ways To Get Funding For The Business Idea You Have (Guest Blog)

Launching a highly successful startup is all about the idea that you have but that does not mean that you can do it without money. Obtaining funding is the first step in launching a highly successful business. Then you can start thinking about other things like improving business profits. Unfortunately, way too many aspiring entrepreneurs first think about how they are going to make money with the new company instead of thinking about how to obtain funding.


This is by far the most common situation that we see when companies are launched. It practically means that the entrepreneur will gather all the money that he can find from personal sources like salaries or investing with professionals like ETX Capital. Home equity lines and credit cards are also commonly utilized in bootstrapping. We see many entrepreneurs that keep using bootstrapping for funding purposes until the company becomes fully profitable.

Although bootstrapping is great, the truth is that you need to consider other options too. This does include the following.

Borrowing Or Investing With Family And Friends

This daunting prospect is normally not considered but external funding is normally initially found at those that are truly close to you. It never really hurts to ask them. Just make sure that you do have the business plan ready before you do this. We say it because you do have to convince them that you have a good idea, just as with an investor you do not know. After all, we are talking about money.

Alternative Funding Sources

So many opportunities are available these buy adderall online no prescription days for aspiring entrepreneurs that look for funding sources for a business. Small amounts of up to $5,000, for instance, can be received from a micro-loan company specialised in entrepreneurs and startups. You will be surprised to see how many such companies exist at the moment al around the world.

Another option that is quite popular right now is crowdfunding. Websites like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter allow you to present your idea and have regular people donate as supporters. It is not at all a good idea to consider the opportunity as we are talking about something that has helped thousands of startups in the past. Yours might be the next one. However, success in this case is highly dependent on how you present your idea, the product/service that is to be developed.

Launching Your Business

Above we highlighted the most common funding options used at the moment by entrepreneurs that are interested in getting the money they need to launch a new business. However, even if you do receive the money, it does not really mean that you will be successful just because of the idea. It has to be emphasised that after saving money, being approved for the loan or even receiving help from an angel investor, you need to work hard. It will be hard to make the business profitable and you need to remember that most startups fail. That basically means that being serious about the business and planning everything in advance is a necessity. This does also apply on obtaining funding.

5 HR magazines you NEED to be reading as a startup (Guest Blog)

Working in HR requires you to stay on top of the latest regulations and be aware of changes in the industry to ensure you are doing the very best for those who need your expertise.

This is where specialist publications come into play and are great whether you’re looking for more information regarding HR systems, such as those at, or just want to know more about a new development in the industry. Here are five you should subscribe to immediately:

HR Magazine

Aptly named, this magazine is the dominant publication for the industry. This quarterly publication aims to ‘provide you with what you need to know, not what you expect to hear’. As a start up, it’s a great way of learning about the industry from an open and honest source. 

The publication aims to create informative and interesting content that broadens your understanding of issues in HR and also features exclusive interviews with thought leaders in the industry who are great when it comes to inspiration. It’s great with a cup of tea on your morning break.

HR Grapevine

Like many publications, HR Grapevine is no longer circulated in print form but can now be read online and is available across a plethora of platforms. Its articles are insightful and comment on current events, as well as offering fantastic advice to the busy HR manager. Or, if you’re just starting up in business, that ‘HR manager’ role might be one of the may hats you wear, so it’s imperative you understand what is required.

HR Grapevine appears to be all about how best to ensure employees are happy and have everything they need – because after all if the workforce isn’t cared for things amphetamine and dextroamphetamine where to buy aren’t going to get done!

HR Director 

Available in both print and online formats, HR Director is the ideal monthly publication if you are a HR Director or a Senior HR Practitioner – or if you’re in a start up position a great way of seeing what you should be implementing immediately in your workplace.

The magazine offers regular updates on legal issues, interviews with HR Directors who are getting it right and features regarding current affairs in the industry. Download the free app for on the go reading and stay up to date at all times.

HR Zone

Another online publication, HR Zone aims to inform its readers on how to tackle issues in the workplace to ensure everyone is happy. Its articles are well researched and attempt to consider all sides before suggesting ways employers can boost productivity and breaks its content down into four sub categories for leaders in the industry: Culture, Change, Strategy and Future. Stay on top of these and as a start up you should know exactly what is required of you when it comes to personnel expectations.

Personnel Today

Focused on providing ‘HR professionals with easy to read, timely and relevant content’, Personnel Today is another online publication offering advice and industry insight. Created by publisher XpertHR who offer training guides and tools, its clear to see that they know what they’re talking about.

Personnel Today focuses on key issues, and at the moment has sections on the site dedicated to the national living wage issue and the gender pay gap. The publication was once printed weekly but is now available online for all members of the HR industry to access.

Reasons Why All Small Businesses Need To Use Online Business Directories (Guest Blog)

Running any type of business, whether a small start-up or a well-established corporation, is extremely hard work and requires you to not only be dedicated but also to make intelligent business decisions – often on a limited budget. Taking advantage of advertising methods that are inexpensive is important and the perfect example of a cheap way to advertise is to use an online business directory to list your business. Thomson Local is an example of the type of directory that you should take advantage of and while medium and large businesses can also use it to advertise their contact details; it is especially great for smaller companies as it is an affordable way to promote your services.

Ensuring that your business is visible in such a competitive world is vital and is directly linked to your success. You will can i order adderall need to make sure that your potential clients find it easy to see who you are and what you are offering if you want to build up a base of clients and it is important to attract locally based customers, as these people will be the backbone of your company. Online directories are easy to find and Thomson Local is the perfect place for advertising your local business, whether you are a plumber or a builder looking to attract new customers.

Online Business Listings

You can’t grow a business until you have established it and taking advantage of online advertising channels is vital. You will also need to get a website built and have a social media presence but all of these things will require you to constantly work to maintain them. This is why they are different to using an online business directory, as once the listing is finished; you will only need to update or change it for the following reasons:

  1. If you move to a new location
  2. If you want to offer new services/products
  3. If you rebrand your business

Having an online business listing will work particularly well alongside a website, as Thomson Local allows you to put a link on their directory, which means you can increase the amount of site traffic your website generates.

Being able to save time and money when you run a small business is vital. In fact, these are both important things to focus on even when you run a larger, more established company and these are both things that you can achieve when you put up a business listing onto an online directory like Thomson Local.

Improve Your Visibility

Improving the visibility of your company is really important and getting exposure online is a great way to promote any type of business. The online world is an extremely competitive one and this means that if you don’t take advantage of things like Thomson Local’s online business directory, you can be sure that your competition is and you will likely miss out on getting new clients as other companies will be more visible than yours. Improving the visibility of any type of business is vital and you will need to make sure that your listing includes all of the following information in order for it to be productive:

  • Opening times
  • Location
  • The services or products you offer
  • Brief background
  • Reasons to use your company, such as competitive prices or qualified employees
  • Contact information, including an email address and telephone number

You will be able to target your audience by listing your business through an online directory, as they will specifically be looking for your services or products rather than you cold calling.

Boost Your Brand Awareness

You can also boost your brand awareness by advertising your services via an online business directory and developing a brand image is extremely important when you run a small business that you want to establish and grow. You will need your clients to feel a sense of familiarity with your brand and this can be achieved by ensuring you take advantage of every possible advertising medium, from online business directories to your website.

You will need to put an image of your brand logo alongside your listing and ensure that you include the name of your company, as well as other details about what you are offering. The idea behind boosting your brand awareness is to get people to feel connected to your brand and to encourage clients to want to contact you as they will recognise your brand – this recognition can quickly turn into a feeling of trust, which will help you to build a base of loyal customers.

Inexpensive Advertising

It is important to take advantage of inexpensive advertising methods, such as online business directories so that you can spend your limited budget on other online marketing methods, like a website and social media management.

Here are some of the benefits to taking advantage of inexpensive advertising methods:

  • You won’t drain your limited financial resources
  • It allows you to spend more on other advertising channels
  • It increases your exposure

Local business listings can be a major marketing tool for all types and sizes of businesses and as they are local in their nature; they allow you to build up a base of customers that you can then use to grow your business from.

Your business will be listed according to the services you offer or the products that you sell, and where you are based and the areas that you cover are really important to your clients. For example, if someone wants to hire a plumber or an electrician, then they will look for someone located close by rather than someone that is based hours away, so take this into consideration when you create your listing by clearly stating the areas that you cover.

It is vital to ensure that your business is competitive and this means you will need to market your business using every possible method, so that you can improve your brand’s visibility without breaking the bank.   

Three Ways to Improve Your Business’ Profit (Guest Blog)

Making a profit is at the core of running any business. For a business to be successful, it’s vital that a profit is made in order to keep the business up and running, be able to continue selling products, employing staff, and of course paying yourself as the owner a wage. But, making a profit isn’t always as easy as it may seem. Once all of the necessary expenses and costs have been paid out, it’s then necessary to make at least a specific number of sales just to break even, let alone make anything extra. If your business is struggling to make a decent profit, here are just some of the things that you could do in order to help turnover improve.


Photo by Stuart Miles at

Offer More Payment Options

Do you own a shop which only accepts cash payments? Although paying with cash might be the most convenient method of making a purchase for some people, in today’s day and age it is becoming increasingly more common to make purchases using credit cards. In fact, even the credit card itself is becoming outdated as people move on to even more current methods of payment such as Apple Pay using an iPhone or Apple Watch. If the payment options that you offer to your customers are restricted, this could actually be getting in the way of your business making more profit. Visit mypaymentsavvy today to learn more about the benefits of accepting credit cards and other payment types besides cash.

Get On Social Media

If your business doesn’t already have a social media account, it definitely should. Social buy adderall brand networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are some of the largest available marketing platforms available for businesses. With a huge percentage of the population using at least one social networking site, it’s one of the best ways for you to get your brand, products and services out there and exposed to thousands of different people. In order for your social media marketing efforts to be successful, it’s vital that your account is regularly updated. Posting updates regularly onto social media will not only make your account stronger when it comes to SEO, but it’ll also ensure that your followers and customers are constantly provided with new information that might attract their interest. You can also use social media to sell; posting links to items in your e-commerce store or even opening a Facebook Shop are both great ways to improve your profits through social media.

Selling Online

Although the majority of businesses have a business website, there are still many companies who have not yet moved into the world of online shopping. Listing your products for sale online can open up a whole new world of opportunities when it comes to making a profit, and you can significantly increase the profit that your company makes by opening an e-commerce store and selling products to people around the globe through online shopping. With many e-commerce platforms to choose from that are simple to set up and use, starting an online store has never been easier.

Making a profit can be tough, so it’s good to know all the different ways in which you can improve sales.

How to improve your Exhibiting Experience (Guest Blog)

Although digital marketing has sky-rocketed, we still need the traditional forms of marketing to build success. Harnessing the benefits of digital marketing is no doubt becoming fundamental to the success of a business, but exhibition shows are still a great way to communicate directly, and advertise to your target market. Exhibition shows are usually focused on a specific industry, so showcasing your business during exhibitions poses obvious potential benefits to your company.

The difficulty with all marketing is how to do it well enough to outshine your competitors. Trade shows are no different. Given that exhibitions are usually industry specific, you have the challenge of standing out in a crowd that’s full of businesses offering similar products or services to you. Marler Haley Banner Stands can help highlight your brand values and offerings while setting your business apart.

Don’t Neglect the Importance of Design

The thing that’s going to attract a potential customer query is first achieved by making sure your exhibition stand looks great. Aside from being visually pleasing, your stand design needs to showcase your company, products and values. All you need to do once you’ve attracted queries is to dazzle them with your charm, and you might just have won yourself some new business.

  • Make sure stand designs suit your business –individual businesses require unique designs buy brand name adderall online that reflect their product offering while looking impressive. It’s no easy task for inexperienced designers, which is why professional assistance is recommended. The imagery needs to reflect your values and key messaging.
  • Keep it simple – Your design should convey useful information, but it shouldn’t try to turn every aspect of your business into some kind of novel. Many of your potential customers will take a glance at your text-heavy design and simply ignore it because they’d rather not stand there reading for 15 minutes. Text featured on banners should remain simple and concise as well as conveying the key points you want to tell customers.
  • Think about the banners you require – Some exhibition show stands are more difficult to assemble than others. Similarly, some stands could potentially survive longer than other materials, and some may be more adaptable depending on the size of the exhibition. Consider how many employees you have at your disposal, how often you wish to use the same stand and whether it needs to be suited to the outdoors.

Exhibitions needn’t be a pain if you choose an experienced company to offer expert advice. However, given the importance of the design, make sure you compare the experience and testimonials from the companies you are considering for your show needs.

3 Ways to Save on Corporation Tax (Guest Blog)

reduce taxSmart tax planning can mean your company ends up paying les tax than you would otherwise. Nobody wants to pay more tax than absolutely necessary – so what are some of the opportunities you can take advantage of to reduce your corporate tax bill?

Paying less tax requires effective tax planning

Make sure your company is making full use of current tax allowances and tax breaks. Many company directors do not take full advantage of tax breaks.

1.Tax relief on relevant life insurance premiums

How does a relevant life insurance plan work? Quite simply, it’s the same as a regular life insurance policy but it is taken out by a company and the premiums are paid for by the company. The policy provides protection for an individual for a specific period of time, for example, until statutory retirement age or for the duration of the director’s time with the company.

The major difference between this type of policy and a regular personal life insurance policy is the treatment of the premiums and also the need for a trust to distribute the proceeds of any payout made by the policy in the event of death. Effectively, it is a death-in-service benefit.

Where do the savings come from? Firstly, because the cost of the policy is normally treated as a trading expense, this means the entire cost of the premiums is tax deductible. In addition, if the business pays the premiums – they are not dealt with as P11D buy adderall medication benefits and so do not adversely affect the level of personal income tax of the person insured. Another benefit of this type of plan for company directors is that if the policy payout on death is through a relevant life trust, the sum of money received by the family will not be subject to inheritance tax. It’s best to seek advice from UK brokers for relevant life insurance in order to set up a policy in the most tax efficient manner.

2. Pensions and professional insurance

These are both expenses which can be funded by the company, rather than an individual, and will in effect increase trading costs and reduce corporation tax liability. This is more beneficial than the individual funding the premiums for the same level of benefits.

3. Annual investment allowance

Make full use of the Annual Investment Allowance provided by HMRC. You can currently write off up to £500,000 annually with regard to business-related equipment including commercial vehicles and office equipment. For example, your company profits are £1,000,000 and you invest £300,000 in business-related equipment, plant or machinery; your corporation tax bill base will be £700,000 rather than the full £1,000,000. This results in a tax bill of only £140,000 instead of £200,000, a substantial saving.

The more complex the structure of your business the more opportunities exist for effective tax planning. And the larger the numbers involved the greater the need for tax mitigation strategies to be fully developed and utilized.


How to Conduct Better Email Marketing Campaigns in 2016 (Guest Blog)

It’s one of the oldest ways to communicate online but email is still an extremely powerful way to interact with your audience. This trend will continue in 2016. Many newer communication techniques and technologies are competing with email but its simplicity and popularity make it the number one way to build online relationships. These are some email marketing tips for 2016.


Create Mobile Friendly Emails

The popularity of mobile devices has exploded in recent years. Smartphone technology in particular has made this technology more affordable for the masses. In many cases smartphones are replacing laptops, PC’s and tablets. This means more people are checking and sending their emails on these mobile devices. It’s estimated that more than 82% of emails are read on mobile devices.

Modern email marketing platforms are reacting to these changes in the way we read emails. The adoption of Responsive email templates is now possible through these email marketing services to conduct better email marketing campaigns that yield higher ROI. This gives email recipients a much better reading experience on their smartphone or other device.

Make your Emails More Shareable

The simplicity of email marketing and the popularity of social media is a powerful combination. However, many businesses and email marketers don’t use these technologies to their full potential. In 2016, you should take every opportunity to make your emails more shareable.

Start by creating better emails with high quality content. Add social sharing buttons and links to your emails. Also ask your email recipients to share your emails with others. This becomes an even more powerful strategy if you have buy adderall black market links to your website, ecommerce store or blog contained in the content of your emails. Above all make sure your emails include valuable content and your subscribers will do the rest.

Tracking Will Be Even More Important in 2016

Tracking every event that takes place in your email marketing process helps you optimise your email marketing campaigns. Tracking every action that takes place in an email gives you an invaluable insight into your subscribers and how they interact with your emails. For example, if you’re sending poor quality emails this may be highlighted by low open rates or very few link clicks in your emails. Once you see certain patterns or actions you can make changes to your email campaign to rectify any possible problems with your email marketing process.

Personalise Your Emails

Most email subscribers want to be treated like human beings when they communicate with others online. Unfortunately, many email marketers and businesses lose sight of this important fact. They use auto-responders to send out automated, lifeless messages and don’t personalise these emails. Personalising your emails in 2016 will get more open rates and encourage subscribers to click on your links and share your content.

Keep It Simple

Email was designed to make communication simple. Over the years many email marketers have gone the other way by complicating things. Keep your headline, messages and calls to action simple and straightforward in 2016.

Email marketing is still the leading way to communicate with website visitors, business leads and online customers. In 2016 make your emails mobile-friendly, shareable, trackable, personal and above all keep things simple.